External standard type digital thermistor checker

Compare with external standard thermistor percentage



●Available to make % measurement against standard value

   at room temperature regardless of temperature

   characterristice in comparison with external


●Possible to reduce error of the measured value for 

   Self-heating on the measuring object by pulse impress of

   low measuring power(within 150μW).

●Available to measure the resistance value of external

   standard or to measure the resistance value of the

   measuring object.

●Available to calibrate the difference (±9.999%) on

   resistance value of external standard and to correctly

   measure the measuring object.

●Digital comparator is built-in. [7 classifications]

●Measuring current/voltage-check are built-in as 

   standard function.


The Outline

AX-1136B can compare the resistance value of the thermistor with the external standard thermistor, displays it in percentage of the deviation, compares it with the set value, 7 classifications [Good products 5 classifications] performs judgment output.



●GP-IB Interface ●RS-232C Interface

●Printer output (8 bit parallel Centronics)                ●Printer cable

*Either one interface can built-in the option above.