External standard type 2ch digital thermistor

checker (low voltage measurement type)

Compare two-measured thermistor with external standard

thermistor at one time, percentage measurement


●Can be percentage measured for standard value compare

   two-measured thermistor with external standard

   thermistor at one time regardless of temperatures

   characteristic at room temperature

●Rs/Rx measurement at the same time,process

   high resistance thermistor of percentage measurement,

   ultra high speed

●Deter from self-heating of measured object depends on

   applying measurement voltage for pulsating

●Can be measured external standard and resistance

   value of two measured thermistors


The Outline

 AX-1138A selects to judge the device that is sharp temperature change such as thermistor or polymer PTC element to compare high speed by connecting the standard device outside, it can be measured for the two Rx resistance at the same time. The function set a corrected value for a true standard is equipped to use the external standard device.

 As Rs and Rx always measures at the same time, it can be percentage measurement to reduce the effect of commercial power on the high resistance measurement.



●GP-IB Interface           ●RS-232C Interface         ●AS-5927 control board

*Either one interface can built-in the option above.