Low Cost,High accuracy,Digital DC OHM Meter

Contact-check,thermoelectromotive force cancellation-circuit are standard equipment,available to percentage measurement


●Measuring range:0.00mΩ~15.000MΩ

●4-terminal measurement

●Available to measure the persent the set reference value:

   5mΩ~10MΩ±50.0% [Minimum resolution 5μΩ]

●Temperature compensation [0 ppm/℃~9999ppm/℃]


●Measurement not to influenced by

   thermoelectromotive force.

●Contact-check is equipped as standard function

●GP-IB/RS-232C/Centoronics output available.(Option)

●Comparison result by built-in comparator is

   open-collector output and display as LO,GO,HI by LED

   and Buzzer


The Outline

Model AX-1142N,digital ohmmeter,can easily measure every resistance from 0.00mΩ to 15.000MΩ,it also possible to percentage measurement for the setup standard value

Built-in comparator,it can be informed the judgment result by LED indication for LO,GO,HI, and Buzzer,also can be printed out.



●GP-IB Interface ●RS-232C Interface

●Printer output (8 bit parallel Centronics)                        ●Priner cable

*Either one interface can built-in the option above.