Ultra-low Resistance Digital Resistance Checker

Optimum for the auto measurement of Ultra-low Resistor


●Optimum for the Ultra-low resistance measurement such 

   as shunt resistor.

●Measurement not to influenced by

   thermoelectromotive force.

●Impressed the measuring current at pulse interval,

   in order to reduce abrasion of measuring terminal

●Available to percentage measurement for the

   setup basic value: 0.5mΩ~1kΩ/±50.00%

   [Resolution: 50nΩ]

●GP-IB/RS-232C/Centronics outputs are available (Option)

●Comparison result by built-in comparator is

   open-collector output and displayed by LED and buzzer.

●Standard equipments of check circuit formeasuring

   current and abnormal voltage

●Available to shift output


The Outline

 AX-1152D can measure the ultra low resistance from 0.0000mΩ to 1.5000kΩ with high speed,high accuracy.

 The unit has DOUBLE Measuring Mode can cancel to measure the thermoelectromotive force that caused an error especially when measures ultra low resistance, and special auto zero circuit, available to measure high accuracy, and high stability.

 The unit is indicated the measured value as a digital and outputs signal outside to judge HI, GO, LO decision, It can be switched a measuring speed,selectable from AVERAGE/DOUBLE/SLOW/FAST.

 And Contact check circuit and check circuit for measuring current and abnormal voltage are standard equipment, improved the reliability for the measurement furthermore.

 The unit can be equipped either one GP-IB/RS-232C/Centronics as an option.



●GP-IB Interface ●RS-232C Interface ●Printer output (8 bit parallel Centronics)

●Printer cable

*Either one interface can built-in the option above.