Ultra-low Resistance Digital Resistance Checker (High measurement resokution:7-digit display)

Optimum for the auto measurement of Ultra-low Resistor


●Optimum for the Ultra-low resistance

   measurement such as shunt resistor

●Measurement not to influenced by

   thermoelectromotive force.

●Impressed the measuring current at pulse interval,

   in order to reduce abrasion of measuring terminal.

●Contact-check is equipped as standard function.

●Measuring range: 0.000000mΩ~1.500000kΩ

●Reference resistance value can set between 


●GP-IB/RS-232C two interfaces simultaneous

   communication available.

●Measurement value can display up to 7 digits, more

   detailed display than conventional ones.

●With independent 1mΩ/3A range installation, 

   total 7 range settings.

●Comparator judgment indicating 7 results.


The Outline

AX-1156B can measure the ultra low resistance with high speed and high accuracy from 0.000000mΩ to 1.500000kΩ(% Measurement: 0.01mΩ~1.400000kΩ/±50.0000%(display range)).

The unit has DOUBLE Measuring Mode can cancel the thermoeletromotive force which is the cause of errors especially when measuring ultra low resistance, and special auto zero circuit is also available to measure with high accuracy and high stability.

The unit indicates the measured value in digital display and outputs signal outside to judge LO/LLG/LG/GO/HG/HHG/HI decision.

Measuring speed is switchable, AVERAGE/DOUBLE/SLOW/FAST etc, can be selected.

 Contact check circuit and measuring current/voltage abnormality check circuit are standard equipment, improving the reliability of measurement furthermore.

The unit can be equipped with any 2 interfaces of GP-IB/RS-232C/Centronics for the option.



●GP-IB Interface ●RS-232C Interface

●Printer out (8 bit parallel Centronics) ●Printer cable

*Any 2 interfaces can built-in the option above.