Digital Resistance Percentage Checker(8 range)

LED indication [-NG][GO][+NG] built-in digital comparator


●Measuring range:0.1Ω~9.99MΩ±99.9%

●4-terminal measurement

●High speed dual slope A/D converting method.

●Percentage indication by digital setup for standard

   resistance value

●Built-in digital comparator

●BCD parallel out

●Temperature compensation (T.C) function of

   the copper wire (Sensor:Option)

The Outline

Model AX-122N,digital ohmmeter,canbe percentage measurement from 0.1Ω to

9.99MΩ of resistance value.

The unit is indicated the measurement value for digital displayed by high-speed

double integral type analog to digital conversion system,and outputs a signal

outside to judge -NG,GO,and -NG installing with comparator.