1kHz, Digital MILLI OHM Meter

LED display shows [LO][GO][HI] indication installed digital comparator



●Maximum measurement range:199.9Ω

●Measurement signal :1kHz

●4-terminal measurement

●A/D conversion method type double integral

●Digital comparator and BCD parallel out available

The Outline

 Digital OHM Meter, AX-124N outputs to judge the lowest resistance value for LO,GO,HI built-in digital comparator to conduct digital measurement, 1kHz AC signal.

 Built-in buzzer, it is the best suitable for the inspection of a contact resistance such as relay, switch, and connector and internal resistance of battery.

 As the synchnous detecting method applied, the unit only measures the pure resistance even when series inductance exists. Less than 20mV peak voltage is impressed even when the terminals are opened,destroy of oxidized membrane can be avoided.