High Speed, 1kHz, Digital MILLI OHM Meter,

Built-in Limit Comparator

Best suited for mesurement of contact resistance such as relay, switch, and connector and internal resistance of battery,condenser


●Low test current

●Minimum resolution:10μΩ

●Maximum measurement range:199.9Ω

●Measurement signal :1kHz

●4-terminal measurement

●Built-in Contact check

●By either GP-IB or RS-232C, all the functions are 


●Analog output measured value: DC 0~1.999V


The Outline

 High speed digital 1kHz mΩ Meter, Model AX-125A is capable of measuring very low resistance by alternative current signal of 1kHz in high speed.

 The measured value is compared with the set value by a built-in digital comparator and the comparison result is indicated by LO,GO,HI display and a buzzer, and output by open collector.

 The instrument is suitable for contact resistance measurement of relay, switches, connectors, etc., internal resistance measurement of batteries, E.S.R. measurement of capacitor, and resistance of temperature transducer.

 As the synchronous detecting method is applied, the instrument measured the pure resistance only even when series inductance exists.

 Because only less than 20mV peak voltage is impressed even when the terminals are opened,destroy of oxidized membrane can be avoided.



●GP-IB Interface ●RS-232C Interface

*Either one interface can built-in the option above.