High Speed and High Accuracy Type Digital Resistance Checker

Best Suitable for sorting machines such as G,J,K and M

class,chip,melf,lead type resistor of sorting machine,

taping machine,and coating conveyor


●Fast measurement(FAST)

   :about 2.1msec.[60Hz]/2.5msec.[50Hz]

●Measuring range:0~999mΩ and 0.01Ω~99.9MΩ

●Display shows percentage indication by digital setting

   for a standard resistance value

●HI/GO/LO output installing with digital comparator

●Contact-check function (option) is selectable

   from premeasurement / postmeasurement/OFF

●Shift output and solenoid power source output (option)

●Measuring current/voltage-check are built-in as

   standard function


The Outline

AX-150A can measure a wide range of resistance from 1mΩ to 99.9MΩ,ultra fast speed,high accuracy. The unit can be shown the measured value as a digital indication, and also outputs a signal outside to judge HI/GO/LO. It can be switched a measuring speed,selectable from 2 types of FAST, a type of SLOW.

The unit can be equipped Contact-check function as an option: When measures 4 terminals, if either one occurs contact failure,judges a detect regardless of its measured value, and outputs failure signal outside and C.E (Contact-check error)signal all together.

The behavior of Contact-check is selectable from premeasurement / postmeasurement/OFF with a switch of a behind panel.

Also it sets [a checking circuit of an abnormal measuring current] has always watching a measurement current,outputs NG judgment when terminal trouble of contact condition occurred during measurement.

Either shift output-solenoid power supply or BCD date can be placed as an option.



●Contact-check                ●Shift-output (Built-in,DC24V 1A/DC12V 2A solenoid power)

●BCD parallel out

*Either one interface can built-in the option above.