Automatic calibrator

Easily to auto calibration, for anybody


●Auto calibration for digital resistance checker

   [AX-162D/AX-162E], one touch, high accuracy

●Unnecessary for standard resistance external attached

●Unnecessary for mastering calibration,experience, 

   possible to calibrate easily and quick

●Possible to use as astandard resistance, high accuracy, 

   high stability

●Possible to transfer printing out before calibration, 

   after calibration


The Outline

 AX-16000A is auto calibration to calibrate measuring instrument AX-162D, high-speed measurement major unit of tip resistor,totally automatic (one touch)

 It can be printed out the date before calibration, and after calibration connecting to our product AX-81C printer, also can be brought to realization to simplify keeping a data for periodical calibration.