Ultra-high Accuracy and High speed, Key switch Type Digital Resistance Checker

Best Suitable for B, C, D, F, G, J, K classes, chip, melf, lead type resistance of sorting machine,and taping machine


●Ultra-precision:10ppm resolution,

   Basic accuracy ±0.005%±1 digit

●High stability by the improvement of noise immunity for

   the isolated curcuit between analog part and digital part.

●Ultra-high stability by the improvement of

   noise immunity, isolated curcuit between analog part

   and digital part.

●Available to make the high speed and ultra-high

   stable measurement by the setting function of average

   time on measuring value for each range.

●Range of measurement for absolute value

   : 0.00mΩ~125.00MΩ for %: 5mΩ~109MΩ


●Available to select the function for contact check before

   or after the measurement, or function of

   non-contact check.

●RS-232C and Centronics interface are built-in as

   standard equipment.[GP-IB is option]

●Printer output as standard equipment. (Centronics)

●Transfer function of Setting data is built-in as

   standard equipment.

  (Available to transfer the same setting data to another set

  of AX-163B)

●The checking circuit of the abnormal measuring current

   and voltage is built-in.

●Measuring probe self-cleaning circuit[utility model]


The Outline

 AX-163B can easily measure a wide range of resistance from 0.00mΩ to 125MΩ,high speed,and high accuracy.

 The unit is installed microprocessor to judge the measured value for HI/GO/LO,outputs a signal outside.

 The measured value is indicated as ±10.000%/-99.99%~+25.00%, or resistance value (max.12500 count).

 The unit can be switched a measuring speed, both FAST and SLOW can set an integral time each range.

 Contact-check function as a standard equipment: When measures 4 terminals,either one contact failure occurs, judges H decision, and outputs HI signal with C.E(Contact Error) signal outside regardless of its measured value at the same time.

 The Contact-check is selectable from premeasurement/postmeasurement/OFF.

 Besides, a check function to observe the measuring electrical current/electrical voltage always has set, when bad contact situation occurs during measurement,outputs to judge NG decision. Printed-out (based on centronics), RS-232C interface,and set data transfer functions are equipped as standard. Printed-out can be memorized 10,000 of the measuring data, the unit can be measured even though during printing out. Besides it also can be printed out a result of statical analysis date for arbitrary units of its measuring data.

 RS-232C (GP-IB is an option) can be set measurement condition such as output the measuring data, standard resistance or limit value, and others.

 The function of transfers the setup data can easily and quickly transfers another AX-163B for the same value of a range, standard, limit, is very useful when use two units together (joint cable is sold separately)

 Besides, for setup of a measuring range to handle a key of front panel is only put in a standard resistance value to select automatically an appropriate range built in microprocessor so as to remove the burden of the setup a range.

 Moreover, a content of the setup keeps by battery backup even the power source OFF.



●GP-IB Interface ●Solenoid power supply DC24V 1A/DC12V 2A

●Data transfer cable ●BCD parallel out