High speed and High Accuracy Type Digital Resistance Checker

Best Suitable for D, F, G, J, K classes of resistance, and coating conveyor of axial type resistor


●Fast measurement

   (FAST: about 2.1msec.[60Hz]/2.5msec.[50Hz])

●Measuring range: 0~999mΩ and 0.01Ω~99.9MΩ

●4 Terminal Measurement less than 0~99.9kΩ,

   2 Terminal Measurement (over 100kΩ)

●Available to percentage measurement by digital setup

   for standard resistance value

●Number of non-defective products’ digital counter is


●Contact-check function is selectable from


●Shift outputs and solenoid power outputs

   (corresponds to DC24V)

●Standard equipments of check circuit for measuring 

   current and abnormal voltage


The Outline

 AX-175A can easily measure a wide range of resistance from 0.01Ω to 99.9M,ultra fast speed, and high accuracy.

 The unit is indicated the measured value as a digital and outputs signal outside to judge HI, GO, LO decision. It can be switched a measuring speed, selectable from two types of FAST, a type of SLOW.

 Contact-check function as a standard equipment : When measure 4 terminals,either one contact failure occurs, judges a defect, outputs a defective signal with C.E(Contact Error) signal outside regardless of its measured value at the same time.

 The behavior of contact-check is selectable from premeasurement/postmeasurement/OFF.

 Besides, a checking circuit to observe an abnormal measuring current always has set,and outputs NG judgement when terminal trouble of contact condition occured during measurement.

 Shift circuit, solenoid power supply corresponds to DC24V (high speed operation can be by setup), and quality product counter are built in.



●Contact check ●SHIFT Solenoid power supply (12V2A)