Personal LCR Meter with comparator

Judgment indications [GO][NG]built-in digital comparator


●Measuring renge:





●L,C,R 3½ digit,D 3½ digit,LED display

●Sampling time:10times/sec. approx.

(Auto range changeover time:1 step 100 milli second)

●L,C,R and D, analog voltage output(full scale DC2V)


The Outline

 Model AX-222,Digital LCR meter,can easily measure not only electronic part such as coil,electrostatic condenser,and resistor but also contact resistance like switch,relay and internal resistance of a battery and junction capacitance of semiconductor and every elements.

 Built-in comparator,it can be informed a judgment result by LED indication and buzzer also be printed out.

 With a function of auto range and auto mode,it can measure to select the most approximate range automatically for measurement thing of an unknown value.

 It is selectable a range by hand,will become shorten then measuring time by range switching.

 Display shows a value of LCR for 3½ digits, at the same time indicates a value of D(loss factor) 3½ digit when L or C measurement.

 Analog voltage outputs proportional to the measurement value,it can be connected to analog recorder or analog comparator,and others.



●BCD Parallel Data out