Ultra High Speed and High Accuracy,Key Switch Type 1kHz Digital Capacitance Checker

Best suitable for chip, melf, and taping machine of lead type condenser


●CE marking

●Contact-check is equipped as standard function

●During the measurement time :1.2msec.

●Wide measurement range from micro capacity to 

   large capacity (range 20pF~200μF)

●Measurement frequency :1kHz±0.1% (SINE wave)

●5-terminal measurement method

●HI/LO/GO output installed microprocessor

●3½ Digit (1999) Digital display

●By either GP-IB or RS-232C, all the functions,

   are remote-controllable (option)

●The built-in printer output (based on Centronics)

●Can be printed such as measuring value,

   σ,3σ,max,min,date, time while measurement



●GP-IB Interface ●RS-232C Interface

*Either one interface can built-in the option above.