Ultra High Speed and High Accuracy, 120Hz/1kHz 

Digital MLCC Checker

Improvement in Accuracy and Stability of Very Small Capacity Measuring by Adding 2pF Range


●Available to change of series equivalent circuit

   and Parallel equivalent circuit.

●Available to measure the signal of constant voltage.

   (impossible for a part of range)

●Available to measure Tanδ. (impossible for 2pF range)

●Supplying maesured current in order to reduce the 

   function of Probe-Contact. [120μF/1.2mF range]

●Available to select 3 terminal /5 terminal (Contact Check) 

   on each Range.

●Wide measuring range from very small capacity to 

   large capacity. [2pF~1.2mF range]

●3½ digit display and LO/GO/HI/Contact Error Output.

●Ultra High Speed measurement: Measurement time 

   Typical value [1.2m sec:FAST mode]