Low Resistance Scanner

Best suitable for network resistor measurement by AX-1156A or AX-1152D (9V specification) etc.


●Ideal for scanner of low resistance meter such as 

   AX-1156A  or AX-1152D

●Supports 1 COMMON type, 2 COMMON type,

   parallel type network resistor

●Corresponds to any pins designation even for spacial type

●Supports up to 20 pins by adding option board

   (standard 10 pins)

●Parameter setting possible by communication via RS-232C


The Outline

This scanner is for low resistance meter such as AX-1156A or AX-1152D (9V specifications).

For low resistance measuring device, current scanner element (measuring current up

to 3A) and voltage scanner element (low leakage) current type are adopted.

With 4 types corresponding resistor network, 1 common type, 2 common type, parallel type and special type which can randomly network setting, 10 pins as standard, compatible with 20 pins if with the option.



●Additional 10CH scanner