Digital Variable resistor Noise Checker

Most suitable for total resistance of variable resistor and noise measurement


●Contact check function built-in

●Possible to measure total resistance (TR)

●Possible to measure residual resistance,

   RRN or RRW(50Ω,500Ωrange)

●Discretional alteration for measurement terminal

   (H terminal,W terminal,L terminal)

●Possible to measure simultaneously DC noise andAC noise

   (DC 25.00%) (AC 9.00%)

●Max. 7 items can be measured continuously by 

   sequence measurement


The Outline

AX-9011A variable resistor noise checker enables to measure total resistance deviation (TR) of variable resistor, as well as to measure concentrated contacting resistance (RR) at static contact element (wiper), and to measure noise of contacting resistance,which generates continuously by the wiper movement




(RS-232C standard equipped)



●LAN    ●USB     ●GP-IB