Ultra-High Speed

Network Resistance Checker

Best suitable for network resistor, sorting machine for

multiple tip resistor, and taping machine


●Ultra-High Speed:about 1 msec per point

   (including Contact Check)

●Contact Check:100Ω

●Measuring range:0.01Ω~10MΩ

●4 Terminal Measurement (0~ less than 99.9kΩ),

   2 or 4 Terminal Measurement (More than 100kΩ)

●Available to make Short Check

●GO/NG by Built-in Digital Comparator

●Available to make Tracking Check

●Measuring of different value network resistance

   and different deviation value are possible

●Can be fixed only for multiple (stand-alone) mode


The Outline

 AX-9203B measures Network Resistor and Resistor-Array from 0.01Ω to 10MΩat Ultra-high speed and high accuracy, the measured value is compared with the allowable value set in advance and is judge.This instrument is built in 4 kinds of standard program for circuit pattern of network resistor and it available to easily set the test contents at very simple operation by the circuit pattern shown on LCD display with back light. And also, by Matrix-Scanner Circuit used semiconductor relay of Max. 10 channels, it is possible to measure Max. 9 elements for common type and 5 elements for independent type at ultra-high speed and high accuracy.(Available to have 20 channels as option) It is possible to voluntarily set the position of input pin. As the contact-check function is equipped as standard, even if contact error was happened on one piece of measuring terminal when 4 terminal measurement is made, the judged signal is output the contact error is output at the same time. The judging function is judged the upper and lower limit against element unit in module, and it is possible to make trucking judgement (Difference between Max. and Mini Values) as to the all of elements inside of module.It is available to make the Short Check for independent type network resistor, the Common-Line Check for common type network resistor and the Miss-Setting Check of pin number, And also, this checker has low-power measuring specifications for measurement of resistor more than 1/32W type. It is available to have interface for external equipment by RS-232C as option.



AX-9203B (10 Channels: Standard Type)

AX-9203B (20 Channels: Special Type)



●GP-IB Interface ●RS-232C Interface

*Either one interface can built-in the option above